Some of our marketing files for download.

Text is in german, because I can't be bothered to translate. tl;dr: Don't steal our design and ideas without incorporating them with yours
Da die WM jetzt vorbei ist, bei welcher wir dritter geworden sind, stellen wir hier nun einige unserer Marketing-Materialien zum download zur verfügung. Landesmeisterschaft 2017 Portfolio
Deutsche Meisterschaft 2017 Sponsorenbroschüre
Deutsche Meisterschaft 2017 Miniportfolio
Es ist nicht erlaubt teile aus den Materialien zu kopieren oder komplette Designs nachzubilden. Außerdem ist das ziemlich langweilig, wenn ihr einfach was klaut ohne selbst was zu schaffen
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Test Race

Testing is essential

Last week was our first test race on the road to the world finals.
Nordmetall made it possible to have the racetrack constructed and used for testing for 5 days at our school. This long time gave us the opportunity to test a lot factors regarding race time without any stress. But we also used it to popularize our project. Many classes visited us, among them a small group from a local primary school, one of our sponsor came to visit as well and we were also visited by the press.
Therefore our test race was not only a success in gathering information about the construction of the car but also in our Marketing branch.
We are looking forward to the next one!!
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On our way

We are on our way to the “Formel 1 in der Schule” World Championship in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia.

This weekend after the German Championship we have qualified for this. As the vice-Champion of Germany we will be participating in the World Championship as one of three German teams.
But first more about the last two days since those have led us to success. On Friday morning the entire team started the day early and started heading out in two groups (by train and by car). Shortly before midday our two groups met up more or less awake and immediately started building up our tents near Neckarsulm since we had decided to camp out instead of booking a hotel or something of the sort. Around 2:00PM the official part of the competition started in the “Audi-Forum” building in Neckarsulm. When we arrived, as at every other competition our official competition materials such as portfolio, construction, cars etc. had to be handed over and we had to register.
The Audi-Forum building is an impressive location for the Championship to take place. A humongous building with tons of new cars on display. The tour offered to participants through the building was something special.
After the tour we worked on getting the team stand built up afterward we quickly retired to our tents since we all were very exhausted from the long trip and wanted to revitalize ourselves before we went to the competition the next day. Because everybody knew that Saturday was going to be a long and tiresome day.
And right we were: We all got up at shortly after seven in the morning and deconstructed our tents and headed to the Audi-Forum. When we arrived we had a little time to switch the team-stand on. Almost immediately afterward the official greeting by the director of the competition. In total 23 junior and senior teams took part in the competition of which all were excited to begin. For us the competition kicked off with the race. With a time of 1,116 seconds we were slightly above average regarding time. We were pleased since the car survived the race taking no damage in it. Following the race was our vocal presentation which was practiced once more before performed flawlessly on stage. Our team-stand presentation went over without a hitch. And afterward the nervous waiting for the results began.
As per usual the knockout-race takes place before the award ceremony. It is used as a source of fun and it is used to bridge the time gap between the end of competition and award ceremony. But we managed to be vice champion in the knockout race and won a glass full of “Maoam” candy.
We were still rejoicing over the candy when the award ceremony began. First special prizes are given to the juniors. Because of all our excitement we weren’t really paying attention. But when the senior-award ceremony began all of our senses were focused on the ceremony.
We were euphoric as soon as we realized we were going to be in the top ten. As the number shrank from top ten to top five to the podium we were going crazy.
As we were called to the podium as vice-champions we couldn’t believe that the difference to the champions was only one point!! We are overjoyed and proud of our title and are happy to be able to be able to compete in the world championship. Therefore we would like to thank our sponsors for all their support since without them none of this would have been possible.
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Being gratefull

At our sponsors evening we had the chance to say thank you to our partners and sponsors

With defending our title we achieved a lot this season. A success like this would be impossible without our partners and sponsors. Therefore we used our sponsors evening to express our thanks. We told our sponsors and partners about the state championship and they had the opportunity to ask a lot of questions.
As a small gift for their great support they got a big „pioneers- folding ruler“ .We were very happy about all the kind words and numerous visitors and we are looking forward to further cooperation.
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Formula one in schools is the worlds most exciting STEM-Challenge. Different teams have to compete for sponsors in order to get the necesarry funding to build a modell formula one car. The teams also have to present their project in front of a jury and build a teambox in which they show their achievments. The challenge is all about simulating the enviroment of the free market, in order to prepare the paritcipants for their futur.

Formula one in schools

Our Supporters


Our partners are an essential part in the creating of our car.

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Non-monetary sponsors

Our Non-monetary sponsors help us with knowledge or through other donations.

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Monetary sponsors

Monetary sponsors are necessary to keep us mobile an fit for the competition.

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2. Place DM 2017

German championship | Audiforum Neckarsulm

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1. Place LM 2017

Regional championship | Nordakademie Elmshorn

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6. Place DM 2016

German championship | Filmpark Babelsberg

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We are the team Pioneers. This is the third time we take part in the formula one in schools challenge. The challenge is all about working as a team. Even thoug a lot of our members are exceptionally good at what they do, no single person could mount such an effort.
Also is working in a team more fun and offers more opportunities to learn from other people.
Since we already have the experince of two prior participations we are well prepared for this new season and hope to build upon our experince to become as successfull as possible.

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