Linus Pimat


„Linus is the master of coordination. Our team would definitely end up in chaos without him. He really likes to work with a team.“ ~Michael (Supporter)

Linus‘ main task is to schedule our appointments. He also connects many work groups and makes sure everybody is always up to date
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Bendix Sonnenberg

IT und Renderings

„Bendix is hugely useful! Not only did he make our animations and renderings, but he also had a lot of ideas for many different areas of the project and helped any time he could.“ ~Fiete

Bendix ist responsible for our IT and renderings. He wrote the programm for our booth, programed our website and visualized our car constructions with his renderings.
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Hanno Christiansen


„Because of his humerous nature Hanno brings fun and enjoyment to our team all the time. I also admire him for his technical skills, which were quite useful for setting up our pit.“ ~Nils (Supporter)

Hanno is responsible for engineering. He built the light barrier system we used to test our prototypes and he built the electronics for our booth.
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Jorina Sendel


„Jorina has a gift of writing. Because of her astonishing marketing work our public image really changed for the better.“ ~Linus

Jorina is responsible for acquiring sponsors and communicating with them. She writes many texts for our portfolio.
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Fiete Scheel


„Fiete‘s knowledge of design has greatly helped our public presentation. His enthusiasm for the „real“ F1 has also proven quite useful.“ ~Bendix

Fiete is responsible for the construction of our car and its design.
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Carl von Brandis


„Carl quickly became part of our team. With his knack of solving problems he helps out the whole team “ ~Jorina

Carl is a member of our team since the state championship. He is responsible for test runs and their evaluation.
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Michael Chumakovski


„Michael‘s positive nature was always good for our team atmosphere. He had a lot of helpful ideas for our car construction.“ ~Jorina

Because of his busy schedule Michael is our supporter since state championship. But he helps out the team whenever we need him to.
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 with   by  Christoph Fricke